AMAKOTA Ltd. has been established as a Bulgarian company working in close cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Institute for Collaboration and Research on Enterprise Systems and Technology (IICREST). Even though AMAKOTA is domicled in Bulgaria, it is positioned internationally, being especially stimulated by the values of the European Union.

AMAKOTA is driven by creativity and innovation spirit, in its service delivery directed towards consultancy, knowledge dissemination, and information systems development.

The mission of AMAKOTA is to be an internationally acknowledged knowledge-driven (IT) service provisioning company, inspired by the following values:
- maximum client satisfaction
- loyalty to clients as well as to suppliers and all other business partners
- personalized and flexible service delivery
- respect to knowledge and aim at collaborating with research organizations, in searching for focused and intelligent solutions benefitting the client
- openness to innovations
- service delivery assuming utilization of the current information and communication technology.

AMAKOTA is being led by its Chairman, Dr. Boris Shishkov

You are very welcome to consider being our client, partner, or collaborator!