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Dear Visitor,

In our view, the real challenge of making business is the challenge of finding new ways of improving wellbeing rather than inspiring 'needs' and then offering solutions concerning them. We believe that making real business should not be owning resources and capitalizing on top of that and/or controlling trade/infrastructure/institutional channels and getting profit for that. We are inspired by the emerging power of Democracy, global communities, and information technology, and we do believe that we are moving towards a better world of sharing where resources would be treated in a different way. Then hopefully successful businesses would be those businesses driven by creativity and innovation.

We are therefore essentially inspired by the challenge of being really smart and fully innovative in what we offer to our clients. Background for this is our well founded collaborations with prestigious European academic and research institutions - we are convinced that cutting edge solutions are always conceived on the borderline between research and business. We believe as well that the research perspective and the development perspective should be the two sides of the same coin since only the research can realize the visionary power and only the development can realize the market power but separating the two would either lead to unrealized ideas or to business without a horizon.

This inspired the establishment of AMAKOTA Ltd. as a Bulgarian company working in close cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Institute for Collaboration and Research on Enterprise Systems and Technology (IICREST). Even though AMAKOTA is domicled in Bulgaria, it is positioned internationally, being especially stimulated by the values of the European Union.

Our passion is offering really good services to our clients with whom we would appreciate staying in long term relations. You may find details on our services, browsing through the current website and if you would like to share with us your opinion or give us feedback, you are always very welcome to do so!

Dr. Boris Shishkov, Chairman and CEO AMAKOTA